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You know those images; the ones of a beautifully decorated holiday-home that look like they’re straight from a made-for-TV movie? The ones we’ve oooo’d and aww’d over? Well with our help, you too can have that in your own home! Whether its earthy and clean or classic and traditional, we can bring new life to your holiday decor. Imagine fresh garlands and heavenly smells; yes smells!

Simply email us at for pricing and details. Our services include everything from detailed design boards with fresh ideas, to personalized shopping trips and full design execution. This is also great for those holiday parties! Beautifully designed tablescapes that are sure to make a big impression!

We can’t wait to start working with you!


Vendors we {LOVE}: Hillary Butler Fine Art

I’ve finally made it. I’m finally made it to the point where I feel like a true grown-up! Today, I purchased my first piece of artwork. Not just a reprint from a decor store but an actual commissioned, custom piece. I have searched high and low for that one image that spoke to me and would be a statement piece above my new mantle. Let me tell ya, it was not an easy feat. I didn’t want traditional artwork of flowers in vases or a cliche piece by a super famous painter. Just not my style. After searching high and low, both locally and on the web, I stumbled upon my new artwork by happenstance while browsing Instagram. That’s when I found Hillary Butler Fine Art. When I saw her paintings I fell head-over-heels in love. Her use of color, shading and the overall look of her work is just breathtaking!

I purchased a piece she called “When I was Young”. It spoke to my soul. Truly! I can not wait to share it with you all perched atop my mantle in all its colorful, wondrous beauty. In the meantime, Hillary has graciously shared some of her story with us today and we could not be more excited! So without further ado……..I give you Hillary Butler……….


Q: How did you get started as an artist?

I have always been an artist, ever since I was a kid, I was always doing something creative. It just took me a while to find that artist in there and figure out where to take it professionally. I would like to describe my journey to being a full time artist as a family circus drawing of the kid traveling all over the neighborhood to feed the dog in the corner of his own yard. It was always right there in front of me, but I had to take the long way to embrace it.  I remember having inspiration collages with magazine cutouts plastered on my walls as far back as jr high. Art class was my jam, but it wasn’t until I took portrait lessons later in high school that I thought I could do something with art. I entered college as an art major, but at the ripe, wise, age of 19, decided that being covered in charcoal  was not the life for me (now, I love it!). I graduated with an English degree, taught English, went back for a graphic design degree, worked an office job for 5 years, and then the light bulb went off. I was happiest when painting, so I left the 9-5 world to pursue art full time and haven’t looked back. 

Q: Tell us a little bit about your painting style and why you design with the materials you do?
I would describe my style as abstract representational. It’s evolved over the last few years and I’ve been thrilled with the direction it’s gone. I work  in oil on canvas. I use canvas because it’s how I was trained and they make beautiful presentations, although I’m about to release a new series on paper at the end of this month! Oil is my favorite paint medium because I really enjoy the way the paint flows on the canvas and that it takes a while to dry so I have time to work out any kinks in a painting before it dries. And the smell of oil paint and turpentine is energizing for me. I feel like a real artist when I use it.     

Sway.soloHilary Butler Fine Art Abstract Oil Paintings on Design Loves Detail02

Q: Do you offer custom paintings?
I do! Most of the work that I do is custom. I work with clients colors to create the perfect piece for their space. I also offer this really great feature where I mock up paintings on a client’s wall to scale so they see exactly what their piece will look like before they buy it. It’s so amazing and stress- free. People love it! 

Q: What can you be found doing in your spare time?
You can find me snooping out new places to hang out in Memphis, amusing myself by making cocktails to pair with paintings,  scheming up an excuse  to have a dinner party, and spending time with my husband David and dog Penny. I’ve been on a yoga kick lately. We’re a pretty chill bunch.

oceans14Hilary Butler Fine Art Abstract Oil Paintings on Design Loves Detail-

I am super excited to share with you all her new “Oil on Paper” series. These are great options if you are looking for a custom piece on a budget! I think I need to pick some up for my office.

Inline image 4Inline image 3

Inline image 6


Check out more of Hillary’s work on her website or any one of her social media outlets below:


HeidiSeptember 10, 2014 - 4:57 pm

I love this art!! It is so lovely!! Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful find!!

Packin’ Up: Moving Tips & Tricks

Design Loves Detail- Amanda
Well the day has finally come! Moving Day. That’s right, we are moving! It’s been my dream to build a house and be able to put my ideas into something tangible. My dreams have come true and we are movin’ on up!

Much like Mollie, we went out on a limb and just listed our house not being 100% sure what we had planned for the future. We lucked out and the first couple to see the house fell in love and made an offer. Wahoo! Lucky for us we had found a lot (so hard to do these days) that was large enough to fulfill our wants so we took a leap and the rest is pretty much history! While we’ve loved our current home and it has treated us well for the past 5 years, we could not be more excited to start this new adventure. Two girls; two brand new houses! We are going to have loads of fun projects to share, so make sure you check in and see what shenanigans ensue. There are sure to be many!

But before we go, we have to share with you some pretty great tips and tricks for moving/packing. I’ve done my fair share of packing throughout my life and have learned some great lessons in the meantime, which I am passing on to you!


This seems completely obvious,right? Well of course. But really friends before you start throwing a bunch of useless crap into  a box only to be unpacked and throw away a few days later is useless. Start with one room and move on from there. Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to pack 5 rooms at once. Start in the storage and end with the kitchen. Take all the items you decide aren’t making the move with you and have a garage sale or donate.

2. Color Code-

This is one of the most helpful tips you’ll receive. Purchase colored duct tape for each room in your home. For example if you have 5 rooms or areas in your new home, you’d purchase 5 different colors of tape. Once you’ve packed a box, label the box with its contents (yes this is tedious but so helpful) and place tape on each side of the box. Once you move into your new home, unloading will be a breeze! Simply place the boxes in the matching room.

3. Garbage Bag Clothes-

No this doesn’t mean tossing your clothes into a big black bag. While your clothes are still hanging, cut a small hole into the bottom of the bag. Place it over the hangers and tie at the bottom. Your clothes stay protected and no need to remove them from the hangers. Label these with the coordinating tape and you’ve got a simple packing solution.

4. Save your grocery sacks-

Grocery sacks are a great alternative to bubble wrap. They work so great for wrapping small breakable trinkets.  I already save my grocery sacks for other uses so I have a good stockpile. So start saving up!

5. Wrapping paper-

We all have that old christmas paper sitting around the house that we haven’t used in years. This is the perfect use to individually wrap your breakable like glasses, bowls and fine china.


Another Master Bedroom Update: Making it Bright!

The most perfect coastal preppy retreat. Love the seagrass bed and stripes with mint accents.

Hey all! It’s been a crazy summer for us. We finally just got our construction loan closed on (which took a century it seemed), so now we’re ready to build! I’m so excited and a little nervous at the same time. On a side note, me and hubs are celebrating 8 years today. Hooray for us! I’m very lucky to have him. We’re both quite intense people who have been through (and I’m sure will continue to go through) the challenges of two strong personalities coming together. But the truth is I wouldn’t trade our marriage for anything. Marriage is a thing you have to earn in my opinion. It doesn’t come naturally in most cases and you both have to work to keep a healthy relationship. Anyway, what I’m saying is that I’d pick my same hard-headed, slightly OCD, very charming, extra witty, most difficult person to argue with, best dad I  know, buzz-haired (not a fan), hunk of a husband again if I had the choice to make over again today. So happy 8 years to my one & only! And after that dose of mushy-mush, lovey-love, we’ll move right along to todays post…

Before & Afters that will blow your mind! Check out this new home design blog that I

Perhaps some of you have heard of the ever-inspiring Green Smoothie Girl… we sure have! Which is why you can imagine that when Robyn, the creator of GSG asked me to update some of the rooms in her home, I was totally ecstatic! The lack of light in her master suite was driving her crazy, so she called on me to brighten up her space and make it feel light + airy… cause hey, who doesn’t want that?! I set to work finding the perfect color palette. Robyn mentioned she liked yellow, so I used one of my fave Sherwin-Williams shades: Biltmore Buff to do just the trick. I also called on Painter1 to make it happen. They’re the best– really though, they’re the best. If you want a painting job done right & efficiently too, I suggest you call them! Anyway, the paint color was a major help in brightening up this space and set the scene for the layers of soft hues I added through a variety of textiles & furniture pieces.

The bed is one of my favorite finds. The seagrass inlay adds a touch of coastal charm and fantastic texture. I wanted to use a different set of dressers and night stands to add a little variety. The cream and soft greige tones of the dressers/nightstands freshen up the space and add some subdued sophistication. For the bedding I wanted a little more of the yellow– so this West Elm striped duvet set the scene for luxurious and fresh bedding. And how cute are the dot sheets?! The pillows I accented with for this space are neutral, but pattern-clad to top of the coastal, boutique hotel feel. I also wanted to add a little shimmer/metallic touch, you’ll notice some gold in a couple of the pillows, frames & lamp bases, plus the mother of pearl framed mirror contributes some additional glamour to the room. I love the few little accents of mint & green tones in the space. Just enough to give some color, but complementing the neutral and light/airy vibe.

So without further ado, a big shout out to McKenzie & Greg Deakins of Photography by McKenzie &! They’re the perfect duo for any photography project. McKenzie is a renowned wedding photographer and Greg specializes in portrait, interiors & product photography. Can you believe these amazing images? They perfectly captured everything & I’m so excited to share! Happy Monday & I hope you enjoy one of my latest creations…


janJuly 21, 2014 - 4:08 pm

gorgeous! Where is the bed from?

KimberlyJuly 21, 2014 - 9:22 pm

Happy Anniversary to one of the best couples I know. No, seriously. I love both of your personalities and that you are honest and genuine with each other (and everyone else).

As for this room, you nailed “light and airy” on the head. I would love to live in that room. The before and after pictures are crazy! Please let your incredible design vision rub off on me as I try to put together my house.

Haley AdamsonJuly 22, 2014 - 7:36 am

Amazing! I am in love with this room and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you :)

shelley andersonJuly 22, 2014 - 9:11 pm

Jennee Allan, just FB messaged me your site! HOLY PRETTY!!!! My friend Camille and I have been doing a bunch of room makeovers in our neighborhood and I noticed you used the SAME lamps that are in Camille’s room! Feel free to check out our posts (ROOM MAKEOVERS) on my menu bar of my site.

That master bedroom turned out AMAZING!! So much brighter! I love all the fabrics too! Fabric is kind of my thing :) GREAT JOB!!! I bet they love it!

StephJuly 30, 2014 - 1:02 pm

This is absolutely perfect! I would love to schedule a design consultation ASAP. I’ll email you now!!!!

adminJuly 31, 2014 - 8:01 pm

Shelley, thanks! Love your site. Nice work!!

Taylor PughOctober 2, 2014 - 2:34 pm

Hi there!

This room is absolutely stunning, great job!!! I would love to know if you would share where you got the bedroom furniture and rug, please! I’m getting ready to redo my master bedroom and this has me so inspired.

Thanks, Taylor

**Featured** The Perfect Palette

Remember this shoot?……


We are excited to announce that it’s being featured today by the lovley ladies at The Perfect Palette! An inspirational blog full of beautiful palates. It’s a MUST read!

You can see our feature here.





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TinaJuly 17, 2014 - 2:31 pm

I just love this! You guys do the most amazing work. Are you available to hire for styled shoots?

haleyJuly 22, 2014 - 7:34 am

This is soooo pretty. What a perfect wedding color scheme!