Mollie’s Home Tour: Girls Room

Today I’m excited to share my little girls’ room! Jessie Alexis Photography perfectly captured it! Since our new baby was on the way we decided to change Miss E’s room into a big girl room from her previous nursery. I wanted to use a floral wallpaper on the wall behind her bed but I could not find one that was perfect… so I got brave and painted it myself! Thank heavens my husband trusts me to just take some paint and a paintbrush to the wall with just a vision in my head of how I want it to turn out. This floral print was inspired by the ever-amazing Rifle Paper Co. of course. I used chalk paint for the floral design since I like the matte finish and thought it would be more durable than acrylic or latex paint.

Most of the furniture pieces were ones we already had from the nursery. The dresser was a yard sale find that I refinished and the nightstand plus yellow cabinet were purchased from our local Craig’s list type site. I did a makeover on the yellow piece… click here to see the before & after, plus a few painting tips. The bed is an old beat up metal one that got a fresh coat of Kelly Green paint. It was also a yard sale score. Oh and so was the yellow mirror– just $10 (though it used to be a hideous plastic brass color (I’m all for gold, but plastic gold isn’t good for anyone)!

After all was said & done, I’m happy to announce that everything in this room cost under $500! Even the light fixture came from an estate sale. I think it’s important to recycle things… it’s good for our world and also gives things a sense of character. I like that all the pieces have a story and past life to share, it makes for a truly eclectic atmosphere that’s bold & fun. Hope you enjoy this post & also your weekend! Hooray for Fridays!!



SonyaMay 23, 2015 - 8:05 am

I love how you took so many elements you already had and then added a couple of new pieces and an accent wall to completely transform the room into something fresh!!! I challenge everyone to pick one room in their own house each month and do the same thing! Little changes can make a HUGE impact!

Mollie’s Home Tour: Guest Bathroom

I LOVE this bathroom! And guess what? It was done for less than $2000 (including everything, even the tub & toilet). The grey & white floor tiles are imported from Austria, but we got them for just $20 at ReStore. Have you been there? The one in Las Vegas is amazing. Habitat for Humanity has different ReStore locations across the US where builders and homeowners can donate their extra home construction supplies for other people to purchase & use. It’s a great way to recycle & not waste anything, plus you can score awesome brand new products like these floor tiles for a mere fraction of the original cost! Score.

My husband laid these tiles himself to save on cost as well. Not to mention, the marble countertop (which I’m a little bit obsessed with) was a remnant piece so we got a great deal. I paid $1 for all the glass cabinet knobs at a contractors yard sale– the guy was selling tons of home construction supplies that were brand new for really cheap just to clear out his storage space. Another score!

Anyway, as you can see I went for a subtle, relaxing color scheme similar to the nursery since they are connected Jack and Jill style. The guest bedroom is on the other side. The soft grey tones mixed with crisp white & sea glass green in this bathroom makes for a spa-like vibe which I adore. The sea glass green is used in the wall color, tile accent around shower, glass sinks, shower curtain and rugs.


I will work on putting together a detailed list of all the items used in this space since many of them can be purchased online, but feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions on where things came from in the meantime. And enjoy these pretty, pretty pictures from Jessie Alexis Photography!


emmyApril 30, 2015 - 7:59 pm

This bathroom is amazing! I love the counters. I didn’t even know there was a striped marble like that and I totally want it now!!! Good job on making such a pretty bath for not a lot of expense.

SonyaMay 2, 2015 - 8:48 am

Don’t forget to mention your awesome negotiation skills with the countertop lady!!! WOW!!! That was quite an experience, but the final result was worth it! Looks amazing! And I LOVE the floor tiles. The pictures don’t do them justice at all–they add so much character to this space. GREAT job, Mollie!!!

Gina HillMay 8, 2015 - 4:47 pm

So pretty!

Mollie’s Home Tour: Nursery

As some of you may know, I just had baby #3. The third baby in 4 years and yes, I am now thinking holy crap, how did this happen?! Of course I know the answer, but seriously, things are crazy around here. Anyway, aside from sleepless nights and daily chaos, we got the nursery mostly in order for this babe before his arrival. We actually decided to be surprised this time around and opted not to find out the gender, which meant I needed to create a space that wasn’t too girl or boy specific. The walls are a soft, bright minty shade and most of the accents are neutral too… cream, white, black, greys, a little yellow and blue-green hues too. I used a lot of the random leftovers from the rest of the house & 2 previous nurseries, but am pretty happy with how it turned out. I like the simple and subtle look it has. Anyone else do a gender neutral nursery? What colors did use?





Mollie’s Home Tour: Office/Sitting Room

Home Tour from!

The office and sitting room is kind of my space. Okay, it’s totally my space. The only time my husband is in this room is when he comes to chat while I’m working on the computer. This is the place I do a lot of thinking and working (well as much as can be done with 3 small kids!). I wanted to keep this room classy and simple, both for my sanity & because it also doubles as our front sitting room, which means it’s visible from the front entry. The basic color scheme of black, white, grey, cream & white set the scene for a sophisticated space. Then I added accents in blues, greens and wood tones to have a little pop. The emerald love seat glams things up & makes a bold statement!

The antique doors are my favorite part of the whole room. I found them at an antique shop in Provo and was instantly in love. I am obsessed with the triangle shapes of the design and they even have the original glass still intact. I put a glass transom above the doors for added light and a more open feel. the door knobs are an antique milk glass style, that isn’t original, but keeps with the period detail. I wanted a blend of modern and antique elements for this space for an upscale feel. I also brought in a few coastal-inspired pieces because the overall house has a laid back, beach vibe as you’ll soon see. I also can’t resist a little mid-century glamour, so this space is quite the eclectic mix! A special thanks to the amazing photographer who captured all these images, Jessie Alexis Photography. And of course, happy weekend to you!


ashleyApril 17, 2015 - 4:55 pm

I loooooove this!

Kelsie AdamsApril 20, 2015 - 4:42 pm

This is a beautiful room! I love that velvet looking loveseat and the doors are seriously AMAZING!!!

Mollie’s Home Tour: Entry

Thanks to the ever-fabulous and equally adorable Jessie of Jessie Alexis Photography, we’ve got some awesome images to share of the home we just finished. This is the house that we built based off the plans I literally dreamed of one night last year. Then we listed our house for sale, sold it in 5 days and spent the next 9 months searching for the perfect lot, making the plans a reality and building this thing from the ground up. Spencer of Elite Homes UT, who built our first house was of course our go-to-guy to make this happen. My husband did a lot of the work this time around to help save some money. He did tile installation, some of the finish carpentry, windows, etc. It was a long journey. My husband even got shingles from all the stress– yes, usually elderly people get shingles but sometimes younger ones can under extreme stress. Needless to say, our Christmas break was spent with Mr. O being sick on the couch in crazy pain with an awful shingles rash all over his face, neck and head. Luckily he has amazing siblings and parents who rallied together to get a whole lot of work done on the house so we wouldn’t fall too far behind schedule. It was a major blessing!

So after a long crazy ride, let’s get this tour started! Today I’m sharing the entry way, which was one of the main areas I saw laid out in my dream. Above is the sketch I made after the dream and below are a few images of how it turned out. I wanted the stairs to have a cut out underneath them to walk under, the fireplace framed through the walkway, a reading nook bench under the stairs, glass french doors into the office/sitting room with a transom above, the metal circles chandelier and a horizontal wooden railing. I’m still looking for the perfect light to go in the reading nook & the house isn’t totally put together how I want it to be in terms of decor, but that always takes a little time. In the meantime here’s how it looks so far…

Home Tour from!



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JessieApril 15, 2015 - 11:05 am

I love your house!! You have amazing taste and I’m excited for you to share more!

ashley janeApril 17, 2015 - 4:57 pm

that bench is so awesome! You have the greatest ideas.